Lee Gwan-hee, the German national team's goal in two years

Although it is still a professional basketball that is suffering from a 'star famine,' it is not just stagnant if you look inside. There are definitely young players coming back from one season or another. It will be different for everyone, but in the 2018-2019 season, basketball fans such as Yang Hong-seok (KT), Song Kyo-chang (KCC), and Lee Dae-sung (Hyundai Mobis) will be recognized. One more person. Lee Kwan-hee (Samsung), who became 카지노전화배팅 an all-star for the first time since debuting in the KBL in 2011, will surely be considered one of them.

a practice bug

When I interviewed stars a long time ago, I sometimes put my tongue on the content and intensity of training that was close to addiction. The athletes who acquired skills and improved their performance after putting enormous effort into individual training, not just group training, were the best samples to use when talking about the importance of their efforts. In a way, it is only natural for a player to try and reap the fruits of his work, but nowadays when he sees professional players, the "poison" is disappearing to the point that it feels like a "mystery."

Lee Gwan-hee of Samsung is a soloist. He is strict with himself, has a strong desire to do better, and hates losing.

Even if he feels lacking, he has a strong desire to win by showing his self-hyphened confidence that he is "the best" somewhere. Recently, he felt a sense of responsibility as Korean soccer player Depp became thinner and needed to score goals. It is said that Moon Tae-young showed strong passion and responsibility for the victory, as he visited personally and made suggestions when he failed the flow of the game due to his technical fouls. It was one of the rare things on the team to tell that story directly to Moon Tae-young, the team's oldest member. For your information, Moon Tae-young is tied for second place in this category with two technical fouls this season (one-ranked James Mays and the second-ranked Brandon Brown).

Kim Tae-hong (DB), a close friend of his age who was born in 1988, also admitted that Lee Kwan-hee is a "hard worker." I think I tried my best to upgrade it. The shot got better. He has been focusing on training so much that he always says, "I work out" and "I'm going to exercise" on his days off.

Lee Dae-sung of Hyundai Mobis also said, "We used to live together in business. Kwanhee worked really hard. I felt the same heart, the same energy. I love basketball and want to play better. I remember working hard together. He said, "It's the type of guy who was born with good performance. I thought it would definitely get better after I left the military, and I think it just happened this season."

Kim Tae-sul, one of the closest teammates and seniors recently, said, "He is a very motivated and hard-working friend. "I also practice a lot because I think I haven't reached 100 percent yet."

"I've never doubted what I've dreamed of," Lee said. "I don't know if I'm going to be late, but I'm getting to my goals one by one."

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